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About the band

Sadie and The Ladies is a neo-psychedelic garage rock band from Austin, Texas. Their sound is a mixture of dizzy melodies and fast, visceral rock and roll. Frontman, Austin Eichler, began writing music and recording a few demos in his off time during university. Prior to the band’s conception, Eichler reached out to old friend, Blake Willman, about being a part of a band. Willman initially came on as a bassist, before moving on to guitar. After a couple changes in the primary band lineup, Ivan Naranjo reached out about playing drums for the group. Eichler, Willman, and Naranjo then took to the studio to record a polished demo of their track “Post-War Affair (1493)”. After hearing about the band, Wilson Chestney reached out to Eichler about playing lead guitar for the group. Chestney’s long-time friend Cameron McRae came as the final piece to the bands line-up. He is currently playing bass for the band and contributing his piano skills to the tracks on their second EP. Sadie and The Ladies are currently playing the tracks off their recently released EP Let Us Make You Money around Texas. They are also in the process of writing their second EP.